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Frost free freezer is not frost

Traditionally, a lot of people think cream machine is not frost free, however, reflect many consumers buy is "frost free freezer. However, the refrigerating chamber or frost, freezer is not a quality problem to remind the vast number of consumers, frost free freezer is refers to the cabinet in the room are automatic defrosting and automatic processing defrosting water device, and at least a room by a no frost cooled. Without defrosting system regulations system works automatically, in order to prevent in all refrigeration surface formed persistent frost, and not to guarantee the cabinet no frosting. However, if the freezer frost and the formation of persistent frost, is the quality problem.


In addition, once the refrigerator freezer freezes, also is not a normal phenomenon. The cold storage room is used to store the room which does not need to freeze the food, its temperature should keep in 0. Check whether blocking the water outlet hole, keep clean and seal.


For the refrigerating chamber in the outflow water problems, under normal circumstances, cold storage room of the evaporator in the work will produce a small amount of ice cream, the ice cream in the melting will generate some water, an alternative source of water is from the outside air cooling (air in the water vapor liquefied into water). This is mainly because the door is not strict, the outside air continue to enter will produce, but this water in the design is special drainage device.