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Freezer, placed in the use and maintenance of a series of notes

Home appliance is not a taste of the use will be able to live a long life, it also needs our care, often for maintenance, the use of the process should also take the right approach. The following will teach you something about the common sense of refrigerator freezer.

Use the correct method of freezer:

(1) the freezer should be put in the use of better environment, good ventilation place, environmental temperature is best not more than 34 degrees celsius.

(2) the new purchase or handling the freezer, should rest for 2 to 6 hours after the boot. Before use, the advanced line 2 to 6 small space box power operation. Do not start immediately after the shutdown, need to wait for 5 minutes or more, so as not to burn the compressor.

(3) freezer cabinets defog switch under normal circumstances should be in the off state, the front glass beads of water gel to defog switch placed in the connected state, except after the fog back under fault state.

(4) the cabinet freezer is used, should open the door to minimize the number of access time, shorten the food. Hot food should be cooled to room temperature before it can be put into the display cabinet. Food should not be too close to the outlet.

Daily maintenance of freezer:

(1) regular cleaning of compressor and condenser.

(2) on a regular basis to clean the cabinet freezer. Cut off the power first clean freezer, use neutral detergent and water scrub gently, and then dipped in water to wipe cleaning agent. Do not use washing powder, detergent powder, talc powder, alkaline detergent, oil, brush and other cleaning cold storage display cabinets.

(3) freezer display cabinet for a long time does not use, should unplug the power plug, the tank clean, to be inside fully dry, the box door is closed.

Freezer of purchase and use is of course important, but also can not be ignored in the freezer position placed correctly placed on the later plays a role can not be ignored. How to put the freezer? Should pay attention to what?

1, placed in the freezer where humidity is small. Should not put too much or too much of the debris, especially can not put other appliances.

2, placed in a well ventilated place. Freezer should back away from the wall above 10 cm, 30 cm above the height of the top should be around the space, should not be placed too much.

3, placed in the ground smooth place. Otherwise, when the compressor will start to vibrate and made a loud noise, so long will shorten the service life of freezer.

4, placed away from the stove, heating radiator heat sources, and should avoid direct sunlight. This is conducive to the refrigerator cooling.

Freezer before the power supply is switched on, first check the nameplate on the specified voltage and voltage for household use the same, the same can be use to freezer arrange separate supply lines and use a dedicated outlet, and other appliances can not share the same socket, otherwise it will cause adverse incident, good grounding device should be installed, then to the freezer electricity.