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Low temperature freezer on ultra low temperature related knowledge introduction

Ultra low temperature refers to the temperature below 1K, which is 273.16 degrees below zero. This kind of temperature is called super low temperature.

Ultra low temperature can be obtained by 3 helium cryostat, the method for ultra low temperature is the most simple, the most economical method. There are many ways to get the temperature. The temperature is suitable for a variety of items suitable for low temperature. This temperature has been widely used in various kinds of goods and all kinds of use. This technology has been applied in aerospace technology, low temperature storage box, air water heater and so on, many major scientific research work can not leave the application of this low temperature. Similar to the scientists can use this temperature to cultivate the seeds, in order to obtain the frost resistance of the seeds. But the most widely used, the most close to the application of ultra low temperature refrigerator.